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Q: Can I install the solar rack myself?

A: Yes, it is designed for DIY installations. Having 2 people makes this easier.

Q: Does the installation require special tools?

A: No, A good drill and typical hand tools should be all that is needed.

Q: What is the mounting rack made of?

A: The mounting rack is made from high grade aluminum with stainless hardware.

Q: How does the mounting rack mount to my roof?

A: Mounting to your roof depends on the roof. The roof material and the design will determine              how the rack will be attached. This will vary by the type and construction of roof you have.

Q: What electric do I need to operate the tilting rack?

A: You will need a 12V supply. The supply should be fused and wired with a UV resistant wire.

Q: Will the solar panel tilt enough for the low Winter sun?

A: Yes, the mounting rack is designed to tilt enough for all of the US 48 States at the lowest Winter sun position.

Q: How long does it take for the solar panel to tilt all the way for the Winter sun?

A: It will take around 35 second to fully open to the maximum angle. You may never need the maxim angle depending on your location. Adjusting the panel to the maximum amperage is best.